About Us

We at PIS is to improve companie’s Quality & Performance and to help them be more sustainable. We understand the importance of impartiality in carrying out its management system certification and inspection activities. We take a true partnership approach to certification. While partnering with us, a company begins a journey towards business improvement and ultimately business excellence with the confidence of third party inspection and audit.
Parkeria Inspection and Services Private Limited (PIS) is a registered Pvt.Ltd. Company with Registrar of Companies under the companies Act 1956 and an Assessment & Certification body offering quality certification services to different organisation. We strictly do not do management system consultancy and we do not recognise any management system consultant.

Parkeria Inspection and Services Private Limited (PIS) shall endeavor to achieve full scope of Accreditation on QMS, EMS, FSMS & OHSAS from IAF (Member of International Accreditation Forum) which means PIS can offer its certification services for all business and organisational sector irrespective of nature & sizes.


Develop motivated, skilled & Competent team to provide Global Services and provide customers value which helps to achieve business objective through management standards.


To become global certification provider that stimulates quality & confidence

Our Commitment

To provide non discriminatory, integrated, independent & impartial services.


Maintain Integrity and Independence. We follow fixed & absolute core values that reinforce our unity and coherence as well as ensure profitable growth of the organisation as a whole.


We follow principles of faith, Honesty & Fairness by clearly stating our contracts & actions. Our team respect confidentiality of information provided by clients. Further, we deliver what we commit and follow our company policies & processes.



Parkeria Inspection and Services Private Limited (PIS) are committed to :

  • Maintain impartiality and confidentiality in the certification process;
  • Ensure that there are no conflict of interest and the objectivity of its management system certification activities;
  • Delight the customer by providing excellent services;
  • Continually improve effectiveness of our system.


Parkeria Inspection and Services Private Limited (PIS) are committed to adopt principle of impartiality and have independent impartiality committee for our activity of certification to :

  • Pro-actively manage any threat of conflict of interest, actual or perceived, affecting management system certification processes
  • Overseeing the decisions related to registration of management system certifications;
  • Understands the importance of the objectivity of management certification activities.


Parkeria Inspection and Services Private Limited (PIS) are committed that activities carried out for clients shall be treated as confidential unless otherwise agreed by :

  • Retaining all documents and records generated during management system certification processes as per process specific requirements;
  • Obtaining agreements / undertakings wherever risks are involved with internal / external personnel;
  • Informing clients for disclosure where the law requires information to be disclosed to a third party.


Parkeria Inspection and Services Private Limited (PIS) are committed to adopt principle of Openness for our activity of certification procedures and processes where publically available / on reasonable request in geographical operating areas information relating to :

  • The Granting, Maintaining, Extending, Suspending, Reducing and Withdrawal of management system certifications;
  • Complaints and appeals including forms;
  • Client’s obligations;
  • Certification system;
  • Transfer of accredited certifications;
  • Multi-site sampling;
  • Forms for enquiring;
  • Forms for giving customer satisfaction feedbacks;
  • Confirmation of the validity of a given certificate issued;
  • Respect the confidentiality of our customers for not disclosing details of information obtained or created during the performance of certification activities except to relevant legal or accreditation bodies.